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Review #1 submitted by Tonny

There are a lot of advertisements I have seen on fitness. I have tried many different programs for getting those six-pack abs I have always dreamed of. However, the only thing getting leaner was my wallet and my frustration level was through the roof.

I don’t want to defame anything, but need to tell the reality. I tried the “Protein Power Plan”, the “Ab Isolator”, the “Ab Tronic” and none of them were worth the paper they were hyped up on.

I’ve been using Max Workouts for the past six weeks, and while I don’t yet have the six-pack I’m aiming for, I feel better, I have more energy, and I am better in shape than I have been since college. This guide DOES work amazingly.

It will take some dedication, and you need to stick with it, but it definitely yields the best results of the other programs I have tried out there. If you can get past the first two weeks, the routine becomes almost second nature. The only thing that would make this better is a set of videos to go with the manual. I like to see what needs to be done to do it better. Other than that I am 100% satisfied with the system, and would highly recommend to anyone that wants to trim up to try it.

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Review #2 submitted by Chicco

After I read a book on healthy living I realize the value of being healthy. But where to go and how to find a right program that works really for me. Since there is a crowd in the fitness industry, I was skeptical when I heard about Max Workouts. There are just so many “Get Fit Quick” schemes, plans, pills, and programs floating around the internet, and ninety percent of them don’t do anything close to what they claim to do.

When I read that there was a program that could get you more lean muscle and help you loses fat in only ninety days, my curiosity was piqued. Since it came with a “no questions asked” money back guarantee, I typed in my credit card details to see what all the fuss was about. After three days of using the system, I felt changes, I was sore, and tired, but a good kind of tired. After the first week, I started noticing I had more energy in the morning, and I felt less hungry.

Finally, I’m about to finish the ninety days and I can’t tell you how surprised I am! I have lost about twenty pounds, and I can now lift more weight than I used to be able to! I used to groan at the thought of walking three blocks to work, and now I run three miles a day! This system has really worked wonders for me!

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